In this regard, the most prominent example is Expedia and its extensive network of sub-brands, which includes Orbitz, Cheaptickets, Wotif and more. With the exception of Hotwire and Travelocity, the Expedia brands do not just share the same technical platform, but also their reviews. Thanks to this shared pool of reviews, the reviews section stay relevant as it increases the likelihood of having the most recent reviews at all times. However, for certain markets the brands choose to display only their own reviews – as in the case of Wotif and the Australian market. Expedia’s competitor The Priceline Group is not lacking behind either. is a great example, as they display reviews on the hotel pages on their website. Moreover, there is a dedicated “ Reviews” tab to make the distinction clearer. The Priceline Group takes advantage of review sharing also on, where they display reviews from, and as well. Get the full story at Olery