Uber and Airbnb are two placeholders for what people think of when they think of the sharing economy, but actually, the market is quite varied and deep—and the most-hyped players may not be the most significant, as a May 2016 report from Pew Research Center suggests. For example, 50% of US adults surveyed say they’ve purchased used or secondhand goods online, on sites like Etsy, Pinterest or even Ebay. These are sites that let people connect to purchase the products they want without having to shop at a traditional retailer—but they’re probably not what you first think of when the sharing economy comes up. Another good example is a company like StubHub, where individual ticket holders can resell their seats to another adult—28% of those surveyed said they used such services. Meanwhile, just 15% of US adults surveyed said they have used the ride-hailing apps, a number that does not reflect the outsized conversation about ride-sharing. Even fewer had used a home-sharing service like Airbnb. Get the full story at eMarketer