Today’s leisure guests tend to have broader views of what they seek from a resort. Providing activities and facilities such as hiking, climbing and biking can help resort operators attract people looking for new things to do. “In some of our ski resorts, we’ve actually seen a lot more revenue now coming from the summer season, which we used to call the off-season but has really become our peak season,” said Sean Mullen, president of acquisitions for Noble House Hotels & Resorts. “The winter season has become secondary in some cases.” Mullen said some ski resorts the company operates generate higher revenues during the summer than they do during the winter ski season. “Our occupancy is generally 10 points higher in the summer than in the winter, and our (average daily rate) premium is between 5% and 7% in summer versus winter,” he said. “Part of it is volume, because our summer activities appeal to a lot more people. And when you’re skiing, room rate is only a part of the expense: There’s also lift tickets, rentals and equipment. In the summer, guests have fewer expenses so they can afford to pay a little more in (room) rate.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now