If I can make it through an airport without setting off alarms and tripping over my own belt, I consider it a win. Without fail, the chaos that starts at the airport follows me throughout my business trip, as my wallet quickly becomes overloaded with receipts and my laptop bag leaks cables out of each of its 17 pockets. Alas, I am not a graceful business traveler. And yet, my travels are fruitful, as I've learned a few tricks from the smoothest of business pros on how to use social media to maximize the benefit of going on the road. Realizing these benefits required a mindset shift: I had to stop viewing social media as a set of one-off tactics and start viewing it as a set of tools that could help me carve out my overall strategy for a given trip. I finally learned that social media can be useful far beyond conference hashtags and LinkedIn contacts. In this light, it's helpful to consider specific social media uses for each phase of business travel: pre-trip, in transit, on-site and post-trip. Get the full story at Social Media Today