Some of his key points: - Content creation for travel and hospitality brands has traditionally been filled with imagery showing off the sights, accommodations and benefits of picking one brand over another. But social media, combined with new generations that favor experience over prestige, has created new influencers who often showcase different approaches to sharing their experiences. - Each and every season, customer expectations for a quick social response are on the rise. The days of your audience shooting off a tweet to a brand and hoping for a note back are over. Today, consumers demand a quick response and resolution to their issues via social media. - While more and more brands are responding to social audience outreach, more sophisticated social teams are taking the practice one step forward. The combination of a strong, data-driven strategy for identifying potential customers with tactics to surprise and delight them can equal a great lead generation strategy for travel brands. Get the full story at Marketing Land Read also "How social intelligence shapes hospitality marketing"