Starbucks is a case study in the art of perpetual renewal while remaining true to your heritage. Its history epitomizes the arc of reinvention--the defiant journey from boom to bust to prosperity all over again. How Schultz keeps everybody on the bus of reinvention is a tale of perseverance and passion, faith and fear. These days, at the center of the company's instinct to innovate are its integrated mobile platforms, which include a three-year-old payment program and a loyalty program. Both give Starbucks "a direct, real-time, personalized, two-way digital relationship with its customers," says chief digital officer Adam Brotman. "Everything we've done around social and digital media has put us in the lead of almost every brick-and-mortar retailer," Schultz says. Mobile payments constitute 14 percent of all in-store Starbucks transactions in the U.S. and Canada. A new iPhone app allows customers to "shake to pay" and to tip digitally, as well as earn free drinks and other perks. Later this year, Starbucks will test a mobile app that allows you to order before going to a store. Get the full story at