Customer loyalty programs boil down to interactive branding tactics, says Geoff Smith, the chief marketing officer of the digital marketing platform CrowdTwist. The push away from “traditional loyalty programs” is necessary for brand managers who want to retain their customers. Here’s more on how Smith sees loyalty programs evolving: Almost every consumer has a membership with a loyalty program. In fact, on average every household is enrolled in nearly 30 loyalty programs, but is only active on a third of those programs. Most of these loyalty programs are single channel “spend and get” programs. These programs just focus on the transactional channel, rewarding consumers for [spending]. Today, building loyalty requires brands to deliver personalized messages across channels that fully engage consumers and build emotional connections between their products and customers’ needs. Multichannel loyalty and engagement programs have been built with native capabilities to meet evolving needs, and recognize and incentivize consumer engagement across multiple touchpoints. Get the full story at PR Daily Read also "Why driving loyalty through customer experience is the future in hospitality", "Marriott scores 69% mobile engagement rate with social-enabled loyalty campaign", and "Do hotel loyalty programs still make sense?"