Finding the perfect hotel while planning a trip can be stressful for travelers. They spend hours researching hotels to make sure they're getting a great deal, yet more than two-thirds of leisure travelers are concerned that they're not making the right decision when booking a trip.1 For brands, the challenge is to break through the noise and get in front of these travelers with relevant, helpful information in those crucial "I-want-to-go" moments. Related Story Starwood Hotels noticed that many of its website visitors would browse through hotel amenities and use its booking calendar - but then leave without booking a room. To reconnect with these past site visitors as they looked for the perfect hotel, Starwood turned to remarketing lists for search ads. With the help of DigitasLBi, its digital marketing agency, Starwood used RLSA to create remarketing lists of past site visitors and then bid more based on where customers left its site. The brand could then reach customers at different stages of consideration, from those simply browsing hotel locations to those ready to book. Get the full story at Think with Google