“The challenge for us was that there are so many ways to looking at this term ‘leisure-loving consumers,'” said Ben Plomion, GumGum’s CMO. “It was a little broad for us. So we had to define what exactly was meant, and what exactly would be the best audience that would respond to our advertising campaign.” GumGum execs sat down with the client — the company won’t reveal the brand’s name — and analyzed data from previous campaigns across display, mobile, desktop, and search ads in all forms. “Using channels like in-image, in-screen, embedded video and working with titles like Time. Travel & Leisure, Trusted Reviews, Men’s Health and others we were able to reach travelers fantasizing about or planning their next trip throughout their day,” Plomion said. “We focused on this audience across premium travel, lifestyle and health websites with unique ads relevant to the sites’ content—stoking their wanderlust one site at a time during pivotal moments.” Get the full story at Geo Marketing