There can be few areas in our world that have been transformed by technology to quite the same extent as travel. Medical advances have been significant, of course, and the way we consume content is different today than it was 20 years ago but the travel experience today is virtually unrecognisable from what it once was. We look at those changes and how they have changed how we travel. Online bookings: One of the earliest articles about online booking in this newspaper appeared under the headline “Myth of online travel bargains”. It was published in July 1999 and the authoer started by saying that “idea of buying air tickets online is pretty attractive” but concluded with the notion that the “ticket sites are terminally kludgy [and] sometimes they are far more expensive than a travel agent’s. Of course there is also the nagging fear of ending up standing in some far-off airport, wailing ‘but the website said my tickets would be at the desk’.” Months after the article appeared, Ryanair launched an online booking platform – a development that merited a single paragraph in this paper – and everything started to changed dramatically after that. Get the full story at The Irish Times