With so many listings sites available for hotels and restaurants (especially compared to more niche industries like law and medicine), it makes sense that business owners want to be seen in as many online spots as possible. Not only are consistent and numerous citations still considered a small ranking factor, but these types of listings sites are very popular with the public. Your online visibility is impacted by your appearance in them. But before you go building as many citations as possible for your hospitality business, bear in mind that quality is generally considered more important than quantity. It’s important to make sure the hospitality citations you build are consistent and include as much accurate information for potential customers and search engines alike as possible. For starters, it’s critical your name, address, phone number and website URL (NAPW) are exactly the same (or as close as possible) across all citations. Incorrect information has been shown to severely impact trust in businesses, particularly those with brick-and-mortar locations so you need to make sure that any change to NAPW is made on every citation you have. Get the full story at Search Engine Land