The new Gmail gives you the option to organize emails into 1 of 5 tabs (though you can choose how many tabs you would like to use). The tabs include: Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates, and Forums. Though the organization is intriguing, the Promotions tab is what might not sit well with email marketers. Gmail seems to put emails that have an unsubscribe link into this tab. Emails from blogs, newsletters, and promotional lists are lumped together in one spot. Sounds great, right? It would be great if it sorted consistently. The “Updates” tab occasionally holds spill over from the “Promotions” tab - -some newsletters and blog subscriptions are in Updates, while others are in Promotions. Even though emails are arriving from the same blog feed/sender, each emails seems to be treated differently. Back to the real question...How can email marketers ensure their emails are filtered into the correct tab, let alone checked? Here are a few items to consider. Get the full story at Social Media Today