While Indian users are willing to book travel tickets online, booking hotels and stays are still more of an offline habit. Trust is a key issue here, with consumers not fully happy with what they are promised online and what is actually delivered when it comes to hotels. It’s a problem startups like Oyo Rooms is looking to solve for Indian and international travelers alike. But great deals are still a huge driver of India’s travel ecommerce. Over a third of travelers are willing to take an unplanned trip if given a good enough deal. And where do most of the travelers look for the best deals? Consider your own browsing habits. It’s very natural to open up multiple tabs in your desktop browser, each one logged into a different site, and curate the best possible deals from around the web. But app users are much more loyal. Get the full story at Tech in Asia Read also "Expedia aims to tap mobile travel bookings in India" at TravelBiz