In order to survive, hotel business owners and operators must, at a minimum, understand the basics of this ever-fluid technical side of Internet marketing. Focusing on the goal of your plan is key. The Wilshire Grand's e-plan is to build relationships with its guests and potential clients as well as to establish new relationships locally and globally. Having an experienced, full service website developer and marketer manage the flow of this data is critical; it helps to understand the dynamics and results across the many social e-marketing lines that exist today. Many site and e-marketing firms profess to retrieve accumulated data from the searches, and do it well, but what’s done with this data is vital to your business. Here are two of the Wilshire Grand's approaches: - The hotel builds (via an external partner) our pay-per-click and keyword development on this data in addition to orchestrating weekly social campaigns and blogs. - The hotel also accurately establish and communicate search trends and potential business influences. Yes, ‘blasts’ are sent quarterly, not so often as to lose a potential guest’s interest. Most trends as well as new e-commerce opportunities are brought to the manager's attention immediately in order to stay ahead of our competitors and the big box brands. Get the full story at EyeForTravel