Generating engagement via social media channels and creating unique experiences for website visitors are important aspects of digital marketing. It’s also important to remember the basics – namely SEO – when building a marketing plan. A good SEO strategy attracts qualified traffic with intent to book. With more potential travelers than ever using Google and other search engines via the three screens – mobile, desktop and tablet – hoteliers should make every effort to fully optimize their websites. The difference between appearing on the first and second page can add up to thousands of dollars of bookings and RFP submissions. A recent study by online ad network Chitika reaffirmed the importance of SEO efforts, showing just how crucial it is for a site to appear within the first page of search results. Sites appearing on the first page of Google search results receive 91.5% of the traffic that filters through the search page. This staggering number compares to just 4.8% for page two, 1.1% for page three and 1.2% for pages four through ten combined. Get the full story at the HeBS digital Blog