Contemporary marketers seem to have forgotten that the phones never quit ringing. In fact, calls are increasingly important as travelers rely on mobile phones for their research. A Google study; “The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase” found that 70% of mobile searchers used click-to-call functionalies and 61% of those were ready to buy when they used it. Even more importantly, 58% of travelers who were specifically interested in hotels were “extremely/very likely” to call if the call capability was available in a smartphone search. The voice channel is not only alive and well but it requires attention as it evolves, just like any other sales channel. A reservations team can be a powerful sales force when they are supported with training, technology and systems of accountability. Ultimately, hotel leadership must be fully invested in three key aspects of a successful reservations program to capitalize on the full potential for conversions and revenues: - Reservations staff - Technology - Knowledge Get the full story at eHotelier