The most effective loyalty programs make frequent travelers feel special but still entice moderate travelers to join. But striking the right balance is not easy, Christine Cutten, a principal at Monitor Deloitte Consulting, said. If a loyalty tier becomes too accessible, it loses value and becomes less special in the eyes of the most frequent traveler. If it’s too difficult to ascend the ranks, moderate travelers are less likely to join in the first place. Wyndham jumps this hurdle with its “guaranteed rewards” promise. After only a single night’s stay, a member of its rewards program is guaranteed to have accrued enough points to redeem something, such as a gift card or iTunes song download. The company also rewards new members with a free gift at sign up. Someone who signs up for Wyndham Rewards instantly receives a gift, such as a code to redeem a free hardcover, 20-page color photo book from Shutterfly. Get the full story at HotelNewsNow Read also "Loyalty programs are worth the cost" at HotelNewsNow