Marketing budgets are usually established as a percentage of sales. This can vary tremendously from business to business. For instance, the pharmaceutical industry notoriously spends about 20 percent of sales on advertising, but other industries may allocate only one or two percent. While the average is about six percent, it’s best to research what’s customary in your industry when setting your marketing budget.

Depending on your website history, its anatomy, content, industry keywords and competitors, a qualified SEO business analyst can determine the best practice SEO procedures and services required. In fact, the average company SEO project costs about $3 per day per keyword (give or take). You should be able to generate 10 times that per day in additional business by being found more often in the search engines.

You can reduce your costs with training and tools for in-house SEO maintenance, or you can have a fully outsourced solution at a higher rate. Training a team and arming them with the tools and knowledge of “what to do” will run around $1,500 per person. Fully outsourcing an organic SEO campaign can cost from $1,000 to $5,000 per month to start, depending on the variables mentioned above. Organic SEO projects can be customized to fit almost any budget; the key to savings is in knowledge transfer.

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