1. Room Only: Book Direct to Find the Best Available Rate Offer a room only rate with a Best Rate Guarantee to your own website. In short, no matter the scenario, guarantee for guests that the best available rate for your hotel will always be when they book direct. Here’s a study from Cornell that gets into the specifics of how customers prefer to see BAR displayed on your site. A word of warning: offering this rate plan to any third parties or other openly available sources opens up the opportunity for them to margin test your rate to secure a booking through their own website. Margin testing is when an OTA tests the margins of the rate you are providing them, usually by taking 2% – 4% off the rate and selling the rate cheaper online. The hotel will still receive the correct rate for the booking, but the OTA will have taken the hit in commission by 2% – 4%. This percentage won’t concern them, as in most cases they are still making a further 12% and in some cases 15%. You can eliminate this risk by only offering “room only” rate plans directly on your official hotel website. Get the full story at Net Affinity