There is no doubt that booking giants such as Expedia and are great at consolidating travel information and displaying seemingly low prices, however, the main issue for hoteliers is that these websites have a primary purpose of booking hotel rooms, not pleasing travelers. As travelers become more time sensitive with their travel planning, OTA’s become the convenient choice for speedy booking but many are forgetting the hidden perks of booking directly with hotels. When guests choose to come directly to a hotel’s website to search and book, they are looking for a more personal experience. Independent properties should take advantage of the expertise of a hotel representative who can provide more flexibility in terms of a room choice, reservation changes, and price negotiations. The hotel agent knows the facility inside and out to provide the best recommendations for local restaurants and attractions, and accommodations for the guest. Marketing the perks of booking direct to travelers is not a new concept, but one that many hotels can still continue to build out on their websites. The key is capturing visitors attention quickly when they hit the website by marketing the perks of booking direct that are most relevant to them. By understanding visitors intent from the first site visit, many marketers have been able to engage visitors to build the value of booking direct versus third parties. Get the full story at Spring Engage