Christian Chabot, The CEO of Tableau, one of the largest data visualization tools, said recently that data analytics software will soon be as commonplace as Excel. He's right. Businesses are accumulating many times more data than they were ten or even five years ago. All this data is an incredibly valuable resource just waiting for us to make better use of it. Yet most of us are handicapped by the tools we use. Let's look at hotel management for example. Worldwide, the most common tool for hotel analytics is Excel, meaning General Managers or Revenue Managers can sometimes spend hours manually managing data and analytics within Excel. This is doable, but not necessarily easy or straightforward. Waiting hours for a report to be compiled (hopefully without typos) is simply counterproductive. This should be a problem of older times, but it still happens in our industry every day. Just like you don't wait for last night's occupancy report until the data has been "tweaked," you shouldn't wait for all the other reports you need. This isn't practical and it definitely isn't sustainable. Get the full story at SnapShot