“On Booking.com, we seldom found ourselves in the top five pages, and on Expedia and Hotels.com we typically ranked 300 to 400,” Jennifer Rota, Distrikt Hotel’s General Manager, tells us. “Unless you’re a big house with lots of inventory to dump, it’s the back of the line for you.” Or so she thought. So she continued playing the OTA game by paying commissions and offering discounted rates, but sadly witnessed the hotel’s online position slide further. Despite this, guests were still finding – and booking – Distrikt. How was this possible when the hotel was so deeply buried in ranking no-man’s land? Following a hunch that travelers were finding Distrikt hotel another way, Jennifer decided to stop paying for review site marketing. “We wanted to know for sure: were we leaving money on the table? We needed to test our theory about how people were finding us in that haystack, so we stopped. Our placement slid further, but our booking pace didn’t miss a beat.” Get the full story at ReviewPro