In the real world, modest budgets, finite client hours, and unexpected obstacles mount barriers on the journey to behemoth content. Fortunately, you don’t actually have to reinvent the wheel to create great content. By making efficient use of search analytics, Google AdWord data, and some crafty search engine sleuthing, you can create great content with limited time and resources. When it is time to create your next landing page, take advantage of these simple techniques to become an Alpha King in the SERPs. For the purpose of this illustration, we will examine a fictional hotel in the scenic town of Munster, Indiana, located just across the state line from suburban Chicago. Let’s call it the Gumball Inn Munster. We will explore the steps a hotelier can take to create epic content, from idea generation to copywriting to implementing interactive elements on a brand new landing page. With the right data and a little bit of savvy, you’ll level up in no time. Strap in. We’re going to Munster. Get the full story at Blue Magnet Interactive