Discovery #1: Salespeople don’t like to share. It’s true; they don’t. And for very good reason. We often equate competitiveness as a strength in our salespeople. Their compensation, job security and advancement, territory alignment, and even specific sales opportunities are treated as tangible rewards to those who openly compete and win. But that open competition comes with a price. Why volunteer to reveal information (especially personal) in a world where most activity is openly broadcasted and critiqued? Keeping things close to the vest would seem to make sense. How would you react if you were greeted by a large whiteboard every morning that ranked your comparative “worth” by the # of quality leads you independently generated that previous week? Recommendation: Make it a contest. We incentivize salespeople every day to record the number of appointments, outbound calls, proposals sent, and other activities that we know drive sales. Why not include their number of blog comments? Or new Twitter followers? Or recommendations on LinkedIn? Make it fun, and make it competitive at the same time. Rank the sales team in order of their “social strengths.” Get the full story at HubSpot