It’s especially easy to lose your sense of direction when something goes wrong in the sales process – when the sales funnel stops working. It can be hard to figure out where the problem is when you’re managing a lot of complexity. While this complexity is a challenge, it’s also an opportunity. It’s the complexity of sales funnels that makes them so effective. They’re great at moving a prospect along step by step through the sales process, often without human assistance. They can be customized, automated, and tested. There’s no shortage of stories about how effective a killer sales funnel can be. If you’re marketing to multiple personas or customer types, you may have several sales funnels. They may overlap or intersect, much like the paths through a maze. This is all great, until it stops working. Then you’ve got a ton of moving parts and no idea which piece (or pieces) is the culprit. Get the full story at GetResponse