The key to winning in a commodity-based landscape is to offer a contextual experience without increasing marginal overhead or sacrificing brand equity. This sounds simple enough, and in many instances it is. Knowing where a user is going, when they’re leaving, and why they’re traveling is now par for the course. Matching this information with user interests remains difficult. Here are three ideas we have to help do just that. - Pay attention to their data. A customer’s data is more readily available today than ever before. Capturing the information you need to know your customer is female, from Beijing, 43 years old, works for a Fortune 500 company and enjoys hiking in her spare time isn’t rocket science — API plugins to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms have made this simple. But overlaying this information onto your preset messaging and up-selling suggestions is challenging. Target’s ability to accurately guess a teen pregnancy is an extreme example. There are many less complex ways to tell your customer that she can hike Mt. Rainer on her day off in Seattle or point her to the top five neighborhood sushi restaurants from Yelp. Get the full story at Fox Small Business