Website aesthetics are important and should not be ignored, but tweaking website design elements to increase clicks will go only so far. A green or red CTA button won’t make a difference if people don’t understand in those first moments how your business creates value for them. Communicating your message clearly isn’t always as easy as it sounds. First, it’s a common mistake to believe your visitors see your website the way you do and already know the benefits of your product/service. They don’t, and educating them is dependent upon your website messaging. Eugene Schwartz was a legendary copywriter whose material is still highly applicable to marketing and business today. He encourages us to enter into the conversations your prospects are having in their own heads. To get your messaging right and capture your visitors’ interest and trust, you must answer the questions running through the minds of your target audience. Get the full story at KissMetrics Read also "How reducing options can increase conversion" at KissMetrics