There’s concern in the hospitality industry that 2016 will be a transition year. A year that turns the corner from what has been one of the best runs for the industry with record-setting occupancy levels, ADRs and RevPAR growth. So what can you do to protect yourself in case the market turns? The author of a recent article in Hotel New Now, Industry Outlook: A crash or soft landing? frames the opportunity well. The author explains how there are many factors coming into play that are causing the industry and its analysts to be a bit nervous. Influences range from the impact of Airbnb and the weakening of China’s US travel economy, to the decline of the oil & gas industry and underperformance of hotel rate growth. All of these factors are big macro influencers that can’t really be affected by individual hoteliers or the overall industry, except one — Rate Growth. Get the full story at nSight