1. Treat OTAs like dating sites. Match.com connects people with one another just like OTAs connect customers with hotels. As such, a hotel’s OTA profiles must be consistent and attractive. Don’t save your best images and content just for your website. Use them on OTAs as well. 2. Engage visitors on your website. In a perfect world, every visitor to a hotel’s website would convert to a booking. But this isn’t a perfect world and if a visitor comes to a hotel’s website and leaves before taking action, the hotel has wasted a very valuable opportunity. To boost visitor engagement, hotels must offer interesting and relevant content. This can be done through a blog, videos, photos or through discounts offered by way of partnerships with local businesses. 3. Retarget non-converting visitors. If a visitor does leave before booking, hotels can remarket or retarget with tailored offers and promotions according to the personal preferences of the visitor across sites like Facebook or Google. Get the full story at Duetto