Last week we hosted a webinar on How to Build a Winning Social Media Strategy. We were joined by Greg Bodenair, Area Marketing Manager for Kimpton Hotels of Boston & Cambridge, who shared with us his wealth of knowledge on social media marketing. One of the subjects Greg touched on was leveraging user generated content (UGC) in your social strategy. UGC refers to any content, whether it be pictures, social media posts, reviews, etc. created by unpaid contributors. The importance of UGC has been steadily rising over the past decade as consumers gradually pay less attention to traditional brand messages. A recent study by Salesforce found that 92% of consumers trust online content from friends and family above all other forms of brand messages, and 53% of millennials say that UGC has influenced their purchasing decisions. It is clear that consumers trust UGC, and hotels are uniquely positioned to capitalize on it due to the number of guests that stay with them annually. Get the full story at Leonardo