The team at Preferred Hotel Group (PHG) has tried to come up with creative tactics that support and enhance key amenities of its existing hotels. In a recent move, the group has introduced new offers for suite accommodation and spa getaways that are valid until December 31. On the new initiative, Jason Schellenberg, director, leisure sales, Europe, Preferred Hotel Group, says: “The suite and spa packages were devised to cater to leisure travellers, couples and families alike. Both suite and spa components resonate strongly with these markets and this is why we decided to incorporate these into our 2013 packages.” When coming up with attractive promotions PHG recommends taking the following into account: - Consider seasonality: This is very important. We ensure that we are timing our initiatives to coincide with our hotels’ occupancy periods, and key calendar dates, to help support them as best we can. - Add value: In terms of incentivising factors, there needs to be an element of added-value for the consumer; whether it be a monetary saving or an included amenity. The validity period is also important; our promotions - including preferred suites & spa - are bookable all year round so that we can be as flexible as possible to our customers. - Deliver savings: With regards to budget, luxury has a cost, yet at PHG we also want to provide the right price and always offer a package that includes savings (up to 20% off the best rates for preferred suites and a spa credit included with the preferred spa offer). Get the full story at EyeForTravel