While the travel sector lends itself to location based technology, there is one powerful strategy many brands are increasingly embracing: the combination of programmatic plus dynamic content optimization (DCO). Programmatic plus DCO maximizes the opportunity to convert these in-market customers right before or during their trips. By combining machine learning algorithms and data-driven creative, advertisers can more efficiently and effectively position customized content and offers to their audiences based on demographic, behavioral, contextual, and geographical needs. In addition to tactics like "last viewed products," where products are shown to users based on prior history, rules can be set up to show an advertisers' hot deals or local promotions based on geolocation (which may change by the day, or even hourly, depending on one's travels). For instance, a vacationer with a long road trip on I-87 in New York is likely to have a greater propensity to act on a mobile ad for nearby hotel with free Wi-Fi off the Thruway than seeing this ad appear on their PC at work. Alternatively, if they were far enough north in the state and near the Canadian border, ads for a Niagara Falls boat tour that pops up on their tablet while reading the morning news would have more relevance and likelihood of converting. This sort of city-specific mobile targeting helps ad campaigns amp up their call-to-action and this level of targeting generally garners 30 percent better ROI. There is tremendous efficiency in marrying price information in real time from a travel-related entity such as an airline, car rental service or a hotel global distribution system (GDS) with creative and type of ad offer depending on hour or day -- especially when the time of day often correlates to what Internet-enabled device a consumer may be using at that point in time, or how strong a need may be (e.g., is it lunch time or bed time?). By tailoring the hotel location or flight deal in an ad, for example, based on previous search history and location -- DCO helps make a targeted offer more efficient and increases conversion rates. This is especially true when paired with the granular targeting made possible with programmatic. Get the full story at iMedia Connection