The practice, more commonly known as the acronym SEM, was once used broadly as an umbrella term to address paid search as well as organic search, the latter known as search engine optimization. Over time, however, SEM has become more synonymous with paid-search tactics such as cost-per-click advertising. “Search engine marketing is the paid piece of the puzzle, not the organic side like SEO,” Bomar said. In other words, SEM describes the use of paid ads on search engines to make potential customers paying customers by getting them to visit your website (and, hopefully, book). One of the most popular SEM platforms is Google AdWords, which allows companies to bid for certain key terms that, if searched, yield their company’s website in relevant advertised rankings. Every time that website link is clicked, the company pays an agreed-upon, minimum rate to “win” that ad position over other bidders. Get the full story at Hotel News Now