Be social: You know that feeling you get after attending a killer soiree? Hosting a low-cost event for your customers can get them to take notice of your restaurant and leave your place with that same euphoric feeling. Before the cost scares you off, have an honest talk with yourself about how much you can afford to spend—keep in mind, guests at your event are potential diners in the making. If having a party just to have one doesn't make sense for you, consider hosting a charity event or private party. And don't forget to schmooze—if you're the chef or owner (or both), talk to your guests. Nothing feels better than having the chef who cooked your meal ask you what you think. Finally, as guests exit leave them with a reason to come back, like a 10-percent-off coupon for their next visit. Be search-friendly: Have a good website. Yes, Facebook is important but a website helps make you searchable. "Think of this as your online signage," writes J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, of Serious Eats. "It acts as your official home on the Web and gives you a URL you can link to in the various social media account profiles." When it comes to website design, keep it simple. The must-haves: Address, hours, contact info and links to your social media sites. (Yes, you should have more than one.) To complement your Facebook Page and website, think about setting up a Twitter account. If you're not one for words, a tweet is a great way to interact with customers and you only have to write 140 characters. Get the full story at the American Express Open Forum