The best salespeople know that selling comes down to relationship building, and doing it very quickly. And since just about everybody resents being in a relationship that feels disingenuous, it’s crucial that you do not sound like stereotypical salesperson.

Your goal is to make quota. But all those proven, consultative sales techniques you have learned will NOT work unless you put your self-interest aside while you build a new relationship. This is due to the fact that “The inner part of every person can tell the difference between someone who is genuine and someone who is not,” according to Dale Carnegie’s philosophy.

As sales people, we need to step outside of our own self-interest and communicate from the customer’ point of view. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER FIRST…before you call. Even the best of sales strategies will seem transparent, if you are not genuinely sincere. All the consultative strategies work “after” the main relationship is in place.

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