For a forward-thinking marketer, it's important to slow down and understand how an executive understands and perceives value. When you think of results, you’re thinking in terms of the resources, platforms, and actions needed in order to hit numbers. Your boss, on the other hand, is thinking about one thing: numbers. “What’s the return on my investment? Will this increase our profit margin? Market share?” Executives are conservative by nature, as change oftentimes means risk. And when you’re in charge, you’re constantly protecting against risk. So check your ideology at the door. If you’re looking to implement real change in your marketing approach, do your homework and come prepared. Don’t focus on problems unless you have a plan for how you can solve them. Make a strong case for why your bosses should be thinking differently. Don't bring a solution to the table without measurable data to back it up. Get the full story at HubSpot