Conversations are happening online. On review sites, forums and social pages, travel shoppers are sharing photos, opinions and their brand experience. In a recent study from Millward-Brown Digital, 79% of consumers said a brand’s reputation was a factor in their decision to make purchases. Producing engaging content that travel shoppers can trust and look forward to sets you apart from the competition and shows travel shoppers your hotel is more than just a place to stay. Before you can begin mapping out a social media strategy and the story you want to tell travel shoppers, you must first get your boss, most likely a General Manager, to see the value of social media and the crucial role it plays in showing travelers the authentic, real you. Even for knowledgeable hotel managers with years of experience, a social media campaign can be met with skepticism compared to traditional marketing models of the past. Remember, the best pitches keep the audience in mind, so look at things from your GM’s perspective. Clearly communicate how your hotel can benefit, the types of leads a social media presence can generate and combat doubt with recent statistics and brand success stories. Get the full story at Leonardo