To access the Facebook Audience Insight tool, you must be logged into a Facebook account. Facebook has made this tool difficult to find – even a Google search will not allow you to access Audience Insights directly. The best way to access the tool is through this link. You will want to bookmark it for future use as well. Once you are in, the fun begins. First, decide whether you want to view information about Facebook users who like your Page or information about everyone on Facebook. If you have a smaller Facebook following, as many hotels do, you may not get comprehensive data from looking at only those who are connected to your Page. I recommend starting with Facebook’s audience as a whole and narrowing your segment from there. Every hotel is unique. Whether it is because of your brand, location, value, amenities, or a super secret niche that you rock but would never say out loud – your property will appeal to some users more than others. To begin, you will want to segment Facebook’s users to those that are relevant for your hotel’s unique character. You will notice that on the left hand side you can edit Location, Age and Gender, Interests, and Connections or opt for additional Advanced options. Get the full story at Blue Magnet Interactive