Here's an interesting tactic to help hoteliers size up the competition and see how they’re delivering on the guest experience. For example, as travelers, we all tend to flock to the same type of hotel. Unless we’re trying to rack up some points, we need a hotel room in a hurry or we’re traveling on the company’s dime. Then it’s a free for all. I like a hotel that has an active lobby and free wine. If you didn’t already know that about me, you must be living under a rock. I also like staying at hotels that have some history behind them. Finding a reviewer who’s contributed a lot of hotel reviews isn'tas easy as one might think. Sure, it might say they’ve reviewed 87 hotels, but they probably didn’t write any words. I found this out the hard way. However, if you find those reviewers who hit close to home, bookmark their profiles and look back at their travels every six months. You might learn a thing or two about your competition. Get the full story at Hotel News Now Read also "The true value of amateur reviews" at Hotel Interactive