David Fenton of RBS declared the outlook for global hotel industry “second to none for next 20 years” at this month’s IHIF conference in Berlin. And with the hotel industry riding all-time highs, transactions are also moving towards record highs with an expectation to grow. Higher deal volume and higher stakes means today’s hotel investor must be smarter and faster than ever before. There’s increasing need for better business analysis and market intelligence – guidance on how well a hotel has served its guests and how that reputation will affect future financial performance. The good news? The communication evolution of the past 5 years - where travelers are now leaving 24/7 digital data trails wherever they go - provides more intelligence than ever before. When processed correctly, online review data provides an indispensable addition to the due diligence and underwriting processes when buying a hotel: thousands of guests are giving you candid feedback on what they like and dislike about it. Get the full story at the ReviewPro blog