Don’t wait until a customer reaches your property to start the rapport building. Pounce on the opportunity the second they book with you or engage you on one of your electronic channels. Then expand that connection digitally until the point of their arrival when you can shift into the more appropriate person-to-person level of communication. This intermission space is where new platforms thrive. What does this new breed of software bring to the table? Let’s find out: 1. Pre-arrival You can never underestimate the importance of simplicity and fluidity of design. Just look at Apple’s products and their sales numbers. The layout should include colors, textures and shading that matches the brand’s theme. It should also employ colorful photography of onsite features, amenities and regional attractions. Having a picture-centric design helps with interactivity and memory retention as well as increasing online exposure through an augmented chance of social media sharing. 2. Data capture Often, we overlook how important it is to really know your customers and record their preferences to refine their experiences. In the beginning (and by that I mean 20 years ago), this meant relying almost entirely on past guest histories while new guests were technically blank slates. Now, with social media footprints and big data, it is possible to know all your customers quite well before you ever even have the opportunity of meeting them. Get the full story at