What do we mean by creating urgency? Simply put, providing information to the guest so that they understand there is a need to book sooner. Be it a limited time offer or limited room availability; empowering the guest with this knowledge can often encourage them to book now rather than later. That empowerment is key; help a guest understand the popularity of your properties and offers, along with the benefits to them of booking sooner. Avoid using false-urgency as a crude sales tactic. So how are some OTA’s and hotels currently employing urgency as a conversion aid? Unsurprisingly, the OTA’s are arguably leading the way. Booking.com, Expedia and Hotels.com are 3 excellent examples; Booking.com impress the urgency of booking quickly during the hotel search process very clearly. Upon reaching hotel listings, various indicators of availability and interest levels are in place to encourage visitors to book quickly, along with a clear call to action of ‘Book now’. Get the full story at Sam Weston's blog