Moz did an interesting study involving 500 people. They asked them how do they read online and found out that the amount of people who actually read everything word-for-word is 16% - exactly the same the same percentage that Nielsen came up with in 1997. It's been nearly two decades, and we still haven't learned how to write for the Web. Moz asked those same people: Why is it that you don't read? How is it that there are such low numbers for the people who actually read? The answer was, "Well, I just skip stuff." "I don't have time for reading." "I mainly scan," or, "I read everything." That was 80 out of 500 people. The rest said, "I just read the headline and move on," which was amazing to hear. Further study showed that people are after quick answers. They don't want to be on a page too long. They sometimes lose interest halfway through reading the piece of content. They find the bad design to be a deterrent. They find the subject matter to be too complex or poorly written. Sometimes they feel that the writing lacks credibility and trust. Get the full story at Moz Read also "