Litmus surveyed more than 600 U.S. consumers that had booked travel in the last year to investigate how travel brands could improve their email marketing performance. The report suggests that travel marketers should be more mobile-friendly, highlight promotions in their marketing content, and limit overall email volume. The majority of consumers plan their travel over a period of 30-180 days, with the travel planning process beginning an average of 84 days in advance according to Litmus. Many travel companies still focus on last-minute promotions in their email campaigns, however, so marketers should factor the length of the travel purchasing lifecycle when constructing their message strategy. “Book now” offers might still be fruitful for travel brands, as 36% of travelers responded that an email led to a purchase that wasn’t originally planned according to Litmus. This isn’t permission for travel brands to go haywire and send massive amounts of last-minute deals to subscribers, because travelers are already getting frustrated with the amount of email they receive. Get the full story at MediaPost