and YouTube According to research, 50% of travellers use online video before they book a holiday, largely for decision-making purposes on where to go, as well as researching accommodation and activities. Due to this, it can be incredibly helpful for brands to think like a publisher rather than an advertiser. In other words, to create informative content (such as destination guides) to help viewers make an informed decision during a moment of need. does this particularly well on YouTube, creating a series of local travel guides about popular places such as Lisbon, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. More recently, it’s taken a more inspirational tack, with a campaign based around the travel stories of its 14,000 employees in 2016. The main video, ‘One Mission’, effectively builds a chronological portrayal of travel, starting from arrival at the airport and all the way to touch-down home. A great example of video storytelling. Get the full story at Econsultancy