On Mezi, you type in your dates and the departure and arrival cities. That’s it. The app is designed to make the process as fluid as possible, and it’s all about finding the best deal. Here are some of the ways this saves you time. You don’t have use multiple travels apps and try to remember your login for each one. You don’t have to fill out any forms - Mezi does that for me. Y don’t have to pick any flight preferences, Mezi saves this and fills that in as well. There are a few more subtle benefits as well. You might need to update the Mezi app once in awhile, but not as often as most of the apps you use, which seem to be constantly needing an update. Most of what needs to be updated in a messaging app is on the backend, not within the simple text interface. At the end, John Brandon Maybe saved about an hour of his time, and says he will never use a travel app or site again. This is a much faster process, and the results are the same. Get the full story at VentureBeat