Automated Pre-Stay, During-Stay, and Post-Checkout Emails Birgit Daniel of Tropical Escape Vacation Homes, says "a major mistake many travel companies make is a lack of communication during the entirety of their guests' stay. Oftentimes, this can cause confusion pre-stay (where do I go to check in?), disgruntlement during-stay, and complete abandonment post-stay. However, new technology allows travel companies to reach out automatically to guests at all phases; a must, if you wish to keep guests happy and have them use your services again (and save some time while doing so)". With pre-check-in emails, you can welcome your guests to a luxurious vacation, while during-stay emails can help you find and remedy issues that may have occurred--allowing travel companies to appear pro-active to guests who stay with them. Post-checkout emails, on the other hand, give companies the opportunity to ask about their stay and even prompt past guests to leave reviews, if they were happy with the services rendered. Without a doubt, these type of emails go a long way towards making sure your company isn't forgotten when their next vacation is being planned. Get the full story at