The Telegraph has built out its e-commerce business for the last 18 months as a way of diversifying revenue streams. It predicts e-commerce will overtake advertising as a portion of its total revenue in three to five years. Travel is the most mature commerce sector for The Telegraph. “E-commerce makes up a significant part — but not the majority — of revenue at the moment,” said Nick Hugh, COO at Telegraph Media Group. “It’s had high growth, north of 50 percent, but not triple digit, and that’s not from a tiny base. That’s testament to the opportunity that sits in front of us on the travel side.” Hugh was unable to share exactly how much e-commerce brings in for the business, as Telegraph Media Group is a private company. “Our editorial mission is to inform our readers; we want to open their minds up to places,” he said, adding that a commercial editorial team separate from The Telegraph’s journalists creates all content with an e-commerce element. “The role here is to then provide the commercial opportunity that will add value to our customers. Anyone can put an affiliate link on their site. We always ask, ‘Are we adding value to users?’” Get the full story at Digiday