The Travel + Leisure Journeys vacations are laid out by the editorial staff at the magazine, along with Black Tomato. They took into account the 8 million readers’ shared interests of interacting with locals, having surprising experiences and getting away from civilization, all frequently cited as the favorite parts of travel by Travel + Leisure’s audience. Providing variety, the trips range in length, with the shortest a four-day excursion to Palm Springs, CA for $1,960 per person. The most lengthy travel plan is a $14,175 24-day trip throughout Papua New Guinea, which includes spelunking in limestone caves, a hike through Bosavi Crater and overnight stays at out of the way camps on lands that were once the hunting grounds for the Kosua tribe. Other destinations include Croatia, Cuba, Iceland, India, Japan, Morocco, Myanmar, Oman, Spain, Tennessee and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Get the full story at Luxury Daily