With travel, micro-moments happen throughout the consumer journey. They start when people begin dreaming of a trip. And they happen across planning, booking, and even during the actual traveling. When these moments happen, we reach for the device nearest to us for answers—and that device is increasingly a smartphone. In the past year, mobile's share of travel visits has grown by 48%1, and, because mobile is helping people find what they want more quickly, time spent per session on mobile travel sites is down 7%, while mobile web conversion rates for travel sites have grown 88%. These data points are for travel sites across the web overall. On Google.com, mobile queries just within the travel category have increased more than 50%. This data reveals that year on year, people are increasingly using their phones to plan travel, but when they do it's happening in smaller moments across more sessions on their phones. They're also making more purchases on their phones. Get the full story at think with Google Read also "Airbnb Uses Mobile to Give Tourists a Local Experience" at thing with Google, and download "Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile" at think with Google (PDF 3.6 MB)